Have a question?

Here are frequently-asked questions about our events.

When are your next events?

Find a list of all upcoming public events on the Upcoming Events page

Where can I buy event tickets?

Tickets to all Vandemonian events and events at the Hobart Uni Bar should only be brought from the Authorised Ticket Outlet which is linked on the Upcoming Events page.
We do not recommend you purchase tickets from any other outlet and cannot guarantee that tickets brought through third parties are valid.

Are there "pass-outs" at my event?

No. Unfortunately there are strictly no pass outs at Vandemonian events. This means that patrons can not be readmitted to the venue if they leave during an event.

Can I have the ticket on my phone?

Yes. We prefer this over paper tickets. Please make sure that the QR code is clearly visible.

What form of ID will I need?

You need a valid Government issued ID.

More information can be found here

I have more questions

Please send an email to info@vndn.com.au.